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Xbox One Giveaway with Free Worldwide Shipping

Welcome to the official page for Xbox One Giveaway

Generations of gaming consoles passed, many machines came and went, each with its unique abilities, capabilities, technology and entertainment. Microsoft Xbox was born in 2001 making its skyrocking debut in the sixth generation of gaming consoles, after which came Xbox 360 in 2005 making a blockbuster appearance in the seventh generation of gaming consoles. Now it is the time when the 8th generation of gaming consoles begins, the battle merges between fans,the machines are your weapons, the choice is your gaming needs. Presenting XBOX ONE (the one machine with ultimate entertainment) the leader for the 8th generation of gaming consoles. Like everytime we are here to give our weapons (Xbox one’s) every month after 1st day of launch to people around the globe to join the fun.

The giveaway is easy to enter and requires you only to download a submission form (which is in simple txt format), the form consists of the necessary data to be filled by you accordingly and after completion it is to be simply attached in an email and sent to the email address as mentioned in the form.

So lets talk about the xbox one that are included in the giveaway. The Xbox one is well abit large in size than its competitors and previous generations but still with the vent at the top and gloss + matte finish give it a final unique design. On the other hand Microsoft is much confident of its thermal design that it has raised the processor speed from 1.6Ghz to 1.75Ghz, while the Gpu speed is upgraded from 800Mhz to 835Mhz.

If we talk about Xbox One Hardware and Specs then this is what you should know about the Xbox One in this Giveaways"

1: x64 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU
2: USB 3.0 ports
3: 500GB hard drive
5: 802.11n Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi Direct functionality
6: Blu-ray drive
7: HDMI-out port and also HDMI-in port

We are presenting the Xbox One giveaway with 6 different bundles:

1: Xbox One Ryse: Son of Rome Bundle
2: Xbox One EA Sports Bundle
3: Xbox One Dead Rising 3 Bundle
4: Xbox One Kinect Sports Rival Bundle
5: Xbox One Forza Motorsport 5 Bundle
6: Xbox One BattleField 4 Bundle

Xbox One owns some of the most anticipated and most wanted games in future: (These are not included in the giveaway)

1: Halo 5
2: Titanfall
3: Dead Rising 3
4: Forza Motorsport 5
5: Ryse: Son of Rome
6: Quantum Break
7: Killer Instinct
8: Sunset Overdrive
9: Below
10: Project Spark
11: D4
12: Untitled Black Tusk Project
13: Kinect Sports Rivals

The Xbox One will release on 22 November 2013 in UK since then we will be simultaneously giving out giveaway shipments to the participants worldwide free of cost with the additional benefit that we will pay the customs for the reciever so that he/she does not face a single penny stipend. Regardless of spam the user can send multiple entries keeping in mind that he has to download a new form every time he wants to increase his chances. The Xbox One giveaway is open from now and can be entered earlier for more chances to get the first piece.